Coronation Park - Indigenous Rock Art

Coronation Park, Indigenous Rock Art


Yarra Ranges Shire Council

Design, manufacture and installation (2018)


A simple, acid-etched, laser-cut, stainless steel plaque was designed and then rebated into cut stone, along with a range of indigenous artwork panels supplied by Yarra Ranges Shire Council.

Birdsland Wayfinding Signage

Birdsland Wayfinding Signage


Client, Yarra Ranges Shire Council

Design, Manufacture and Installation (2018)


17 free-standing and three fence-mounted signs were designed and implemented across four key areas within the Birdsland Reserve, each area features custom laser-cut illustration.

Free-standing structures fabricated with laser-cut corten panels, fixed to a timber post with floating graphic panel. Three key signs also included a laser-cut title panel on the return edge.