Dunkeld Environmental Signage

Dunkeld Environmental Signage


Client, Wannon Water

Design, manufacture and installation (2016)


Arrival signage to highlight the importance of preserving this native grassland reserve. The structural design consists of a laser cut rusted metal panel, aged timber post supports and a simple, clear title panel. The rusted metal panel features a laser cut snake motif and the sweeping curved structure provides a natural, sculptural look that complements the natural environs.

Curlewis Parks Estate Interpretive Signage

Curlews Parks Estate Interpretive Signage


Client, Streetscapes

Design, manufacture and installation (2014)


As part of the development of this estate, Challis Design worked with Infinity Landscape Architects to develop and implement four interpretive signs that feature Indigenous artwork and stories relevant to the area. The design features rolled, rusted metal structure, raised graphic panel and feature, laser cut motif that reflects each individual artwork.

Kororoit Creek Interpretive Signage

Kororoit Creek Interpretive Signage


Client, Brimbank City Council

Design, manufacture and installation


The Kororoit Creek Trail is a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, which follows Kororoit Creek into the inner western suburbs of Melbourne. Interpretive signage was designed and installed along the trail with key information on aboriginal, social and geological aspects of the Kororoit Creek region.

Tamar River Interpretation

Tamar River


Client, NRM North

Design, manufacture and installation (2013)


The Tamar River is situated in Launceston, Tasmania. Challis Design developed a range of signage which focused on the issue of river siltation. Other topics include aboriginal, social significance, maritime history and wildlife themes.

Marine Parks, Pacific Hydro

Marine Parks, Pacific Hydro


Client, Parks Victoria

Design, manufacture and installation (2012)


Marine Parks, in collaboration with Pacific Hydro, required a series of signs that informed visitors of the significance of the Wind Turbines and wildlife found in the surrounding parks. The structural organic blades reflect the nature of not only the wind turbines, but the marine elements as well. The use of high-grade stainless steel, aluminum, UV resistant prints and 2 pack clear coat ensures maximum durability for the harsh coastal conditions.